Advertising & Ad Films

Advertising & Adfilms

Advertising is the most creative service offered to transform ideas of clients into saleable offers. We at Kalaraj Media & Entertainment, provides customized advertising solutions and comprehensive adfilm making services. Whenever client approaches us, our team discuss with the client about the unique ideas, offers, products and services. Accordingly, we come up with advertising strategies.

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Kalaraj Media & Entertainment has rich expertise in providing the following services:

Branding and Promotions

Our Branding and Promotions Experts provide support in deciding brand name, punchlines, and Unique Selling Propositions (USP). Our design team comes up with the world-class logos, insignia, using the most appropriate corporate colors, Font Types, Styles and related Templates. We provide the customized promotions for clients’ campaign, marketing business and trading needs.

Our designers provide effective digital business cards we provide detailed promotional plans and media strategies.

Do you wish to engage a celebrity or a model to feature and endorse your product and services? 

Want to see famous film/sports star to be your brand ambassador? 

Contact us today for comprehensive and celebrity management services.

Personel portfolio

Are you an aspiring model /actor? 

Are you looking for personal branding to promote your profiles /portfolios among the targeted circles?

Want to showcase your candid photos/videos to get offers in advertisings / adfilms, short films, or feature films? 

Contact our team today to get your personal portfolios done. Our team can execute model shootings and make digital/print portfolios and social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

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