About TSFA



TSFA (Telugu short film awards) initiated by KalaRaj Media and entertainment. We started for supporting the new talent, creative and hard-working people. We are conducting these awards since 2018. Who are struggling for getting name and fame with short films, it is the best opportunity to perform your talent. With the help of our encouragement, people get good opportunities in the Film industry. People who performed well in their short films will get awards. The Jury team members will select the best performers. For movies, they analyze the technical and performance impressions. We are the first persons in both Telugu states who are conducting awards festival for Telugu short films.

About us

We launched TSFA (Telugu short film awards) April 2018. KalaRaj Media and entertainment conducted this event on May 20th, 2018. We are passionate about media and entertainment. We provide several services which are helpful to newcomers to the film industry. 


In this modern technology, few people are interested to start their career in films. We are conducting this event to promote our brand value and give lots of opportunities to young, creative, new talented people. We organize several activities on this occasion. We prioritize to all artistic performers who are willing to show their talent.


As of now KalaRaj Media and Entertainment only conducting TSFA (Telugu short film awards) in Tollywood Industry. Because we know the value of a ground talent of the film industry. We are introducing talented people into Telugu short film industry. It is like a big festival, we have seen many film awards, we started a new era for giving awards to short filmmakers.





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